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  TEXPERS Salutes El Paso Firemen and Policemens Pension Fund
The El Paso Firemen and Policemen Pension Fund ranked amongTexas's top-three pensions plans in a closely watched measure of average yearly returns over long-term investing horizons, according to the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (TEXPERS) in a recently released report.

Houston's Proposed Firefighters Contract Won't Please Union, Pension Chair Says
A tentative agreement on a 30-month contract between the City of Houston and the Houston Professional Firefighters Association...will not sit well with the union membership.

Texas Employees returns 1.3% in Q1, up 11.2% for year
Texas Employees Retirement System's returns topped the $25.4 billion fund's benchmark in three of five measurement periods ended March 31.

TEXPERS Objects to Americans for Prosperity Interference in Detroit
The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems registered its contempt for the decision by Americans for Prosperity earlier this week to interfere in pension politics in Detroit and pledged vigilance of future similar activities in Texas.

Court rejects Houston lawsuit against city's firefighters pension fund
Texas state district court Judge Patricia J. Kerrigan on May 7 rejected Houston's petition to declare unconstitutional the law under which the Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund operates, according to court documents provided by Darian Ward, press secretary for Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Tensions simmer over struggle between Dallas officials and pension fund
Tension between Dallas officials and the city's police-fire pension fund resurfaced this morning over quorum requirements of the fund's 12-member board.

Once thought to be secure, pooled pensions teeter and fall
The pensions of millions of Americans are being threatened because of trouble in a part of the retirement world long considered so safe that no one safe that no one gave it second thought.

Texas pension funds, in aggregate, return 8.2% over 20 years
Texas-based public pension plans produced an annualized composite return of 8.2% for the 20-year period ended Sept. 30, above the 8% average annualized actuarial return of the 60 plans that participated in a recent Commonfund survey conducted for the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems.

Museum Tower hires technical firm to help solve glare dispute
Signs emerged Wednesday that a settlement may be drawing closer in the 2 1/2-year glare dispute between the Nasher Sculpture Center and its 42-story luxury high-rise neighor, Museum Tower.
The 401(k) cash-out: A brewing retirement savings crisis?
When you change jobs, do you take the money and run? A large and growing number of young and low-income workers do just that with their 401(k)s, and it's damaging their chances of building adequate retirement savings down the road.

WNET to return $3.5 million grant for pension series
WNET, the New York City public television broadcaster, said on Friday that it would return a $3.5 million grant it received to sponsor an ambitious project on public pensions in the face of charges that it solicited inappropriate underwriting for the series.

The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS' news division
With PBS’s “Pension Peril” series echoing many of the same pension-cutting themes that the Arnold Foundation is promoting in the legislative arena, and with the series not explicitly disclosing the Arnold financing to PBS viewers, the foundation’s spokesperson says her organization is happy with the segments airing on stations throughout the country.

Widows of fallen SAPD officers speak out against possible benefit cuts
Lisa Perez was three-and-a-half months pregnant when her husband, San Antonio Police Officer Oscar Perez, was shot and killed while trying to execute a warrant at a south-side motel in March 2000.

Houston sues for more input on firefighter pension plan design
Houston filed suit against the $3.6 billion Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fun on Wednesday in an effort to receive more input on contributions and plan design of the pension fund.

Police, fire pensions: Sound and necessary
During this holiday season, we've been reminded of the dangers each professional man and woman in our Police and Fire departments face daily.

Bill to Require Annual Pension Reports Gaining Traction in Congress
There’s a bill in Congress that opponents say would create headaches for public pension managers and could make it harder to finance infrastructure development.

Texas weighs fixes for multibillion-dollar pension shortfall
The Austin American-Statesman reports that lawmakers at the next legislative session could consider raising the shared contribution rate for the state and employees from 14.6 percent to 20 percent. It could also make a massive one-time addition of $4.5 billion.

San Antonio lauded for managing pension costs efficiently, study
San Antonio has one of the most efficient pension expenses in the country, according to a study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence.

CSLGE Study: Texas Cities' Contributions to Employee Pensions Among Lowest in Country
TEXPERS congratulated 10 Texas cities that were among the country's most efficient users of taxpayers' dollars for their employees' pensions, as asserted in a new study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence.

Is the public pension crisis overstated?
The average amount of money devoted to funding public pension plans equaled 7.9 percent of revenue generated by cities, a survey of 173 municipalities found.

Pew's pension reform activism drawing critics
Officials at the Pew Charitable Trusts are finding their motives questioned as they move beyond their traditional role as researchers into providing technical assistance to troubled public retirement systems.

Exposed: Enron Billionaire's diabolical plot to loot worker pensions
In the lead-up to his anti-pension partnership with Pew, Arnold’s most relevant connection to pensions and retirement security came from working at Enron – a company whose collapse destroyed its own workers’ pensions and helped to damage the financial stability of public pension funds across America.
Funding on way for I-35W project
The equity members [for the construction of segment 3A of the North Tarrant Express project] also include the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System.

Fort Worth Council Approves Pension Cuts
The Fort Worth City Council voted Tuesday to cut pension benefits for city workers and police officers starting next year.

City Pension Plan Costing Taxpayers Millions
To be exact the city says $18 million go to city employees retirement benefits every year [in Corpus Christi.]

U.S. Equity, credit boost public pension plan returns
Double-digit returns were the norm for U.S. public pension plans for the year ended June 30, with smaller funds and those focused on domestic equities or taking opportunistic positions in credit achieving the best results.
National pension group challenges Pew's work

The coalition contends that, "despite their claims to be an impartial think tank advocating for fair and transparent policies, Pew's involvement in the pension fight is anything but fair and transparent."

Patterson: Houston's pension plan funding holds up under scrutiny
Columnist Bill King's attacks on Houston's public employee pensions use the sleight-of-hand trick of comparing our great city to Detroit. The truth is that we've been hearing King's Chicken Little imitation for some time now, and readers need to apply their own critical thinking to many of the components he strings together. Let's take on a few.

Playing Politics with Public Pensions
Also in need of reform is the politicized character of many public pension boards...along with pension payouts based on final-year pay, collective bargaining, binding arbitration, and faulty accounting standards.

Political Investing Harms Public Pension Funds
Posted 8/25/13 on Wall Street Journal

Texas Retired Teachers Association honors Katy-area legislator
Posted 7/25/13 on Chron.com

Schnurman: Forget Detroit; Dallas pensions look good
In so many ways, Dallas is not Detroit, the bankrupt city.

Dallas Police & Fire returns 11.4% for year
Posted 7/17/12

New Texas laws will protect Houston seniors
Posted 7/17/13 on Cypress Creek Mirror

Texas TRS returns 3.6% in first quarter, topping benchmark
Posted 6/13/13

Texas makes teachers' pension less reliant on markets
Posted 5/26/13 on Chicago Tribune

Statement of Bill Hamilton, Retired State Employees Association of Texas, on Final Passage of SB 1459 on Texas Employees Retirement System
Posted 5/21/13 on Retired State Employees Association site

TEXPERS lauds passage of bill increasing pension transparency and requiring education for Trustees
Posted 5/24/13 on PR Newswire

Transparency Lives On - Statement by Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs
Posted 5/24/13 on Susan Combs website

Texas Senate Votes to Overhaul teacher pension system
Posted 5/8/13 on Dallas Morning News

Texas House passes legislation to reform state pension systems
Posted 5/1/13 on The Journal

Rep. Rob Orr supports passage of legislation to reform state pension systems
Posted 4/30/13 on WaxahachieTX.com

McCown, Villanueva: Texas public pensions on sound footing
Posted 3/3/13 on Statesmen.com

12th Annual Public Pension Fund Awards for Excellence: San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund wins Small Public Fund Award
Posted 3/15/13 on Money Management Intelligence

Texas retirement systems' long-term returns top assumption
Posted 3/5/13 on Pension & Investments

Lone Star State's local pension plans hit long-term benchmarks, report finds
Posted 3/27/12 on Pensions & Investments

Local pension plans punished by safe investments: study
Posted 2/5/13 on Reuters.com

Pension finances, local government debt targeted in Texas transparency bills
Posted 2/7/13 on Texas Watchdog
Texas pension funds are transparent now
Posted 1/4/13 on San Antonio Business Journal
Public pension funds already transparent
Posted 12/16/12 on San Antonio Express News

Texas Teachers has upbeat quarter
Posted 12/14/12 on Pensions & Investments

Patterson: There's plenty of pension fund transparency
Posted 12/12/12 on Austin-American Statesman

Susan Combs Throws Cold Water on Texas Public Pension "Crisis"
Posted 12/5/12 on Texas Observer

Combs sees red flags in state pensions
Posted 12/4/12 on KXAN

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